Which countries refund VAT?
All EU member states, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Monaco, Turkey, Japan, Canada and Australia.

What costs are VAT refundable?
In principle VAT can be refunded on all business expenses, like

  • Fuel
  • Diesel oil
  • Hotel expenses
  • Restaurant expenses
  • Costs of conferences and training
  • Costs incurred on trade fair participation
  • Car rental

NB: Please be aware that every country applies their own VAT legislation and therefore limitations on VAT refund are possible.

How can we reclaim VAT?
Companies established in an EU member state have to submit their application for refund of EU VAT by using the electronic portal in the state of establishment. Depending on what kind of VAT is being reclaimed and the invoice amount invoices should be enclosed.

When can VAT be reclaimed?
For EU member states the VAT should be at least € 400,- in order to reclaim the VAT on a quarterly base and should be at least € 50,- to reclaim the VAT on a yearly base. The deadline for submitting claims is the 30th of September of the following year. For all other countries please contact us.

How long will it take before VAT will be reimbursed?
Based on the new VAT directive EU member states are obliged to refund claims within 4 months after submitting the claim. Only when further information is required the term to refund will be prolonged to 8 months. In case a member state goes beyond the term of 8 months they must refund interest on the refundable amount of VAT.

What kind of documents are required in order for VDFR VAT Management to reclaim foreign VAT?

  • Signed letter of engagement
  • Original invoices
  • Signed power of attorney
  • Proof that the applicant is registered for VAT purposes / Proof from a public authority confirming that the applicant is engaged in such business (for companies established outside EU)
  • Clear description of the nature of business (for companies established outside EU) Abstract from the Chamber of Commerce (for companies established outside EU)