VDFR VAT Management is specialized in all aspects of national (Dutch) and international VAT legislation. The personnel of VDFR VAT Management have a background in fiscal law and more than 20 year’s experience in VAT management. This experience was gained while working in several major tax consultancies.

Furthermore VDFR VAT Management is also a member of the Confédération Fiscal Europeénne. Through this membership we keep informed about all changes in the field of VAT. We are therefore able to inform our clients about any change in VAT legislation. Our personnel is frequently asked to provide VAT trainings or VAT lectures.

VDFR VAT Management practice the following key values and operating principles:

Engagement: Every client gets advice tailored to the problem or query they face. We make high demands on the quality of our provided services.

Independent: VDFR VAT Management differs from other companies by providing independent services which are necessary to guarantee the quality and integrity of our provision of services.

Transparent: We don’t work on a no-cure- no pay basis (unless agreed otherwhise) but we apply a transparent tariff based on the actual work carried out and the costs incurred. It is our experience that we know in advance that our applications for refunds of foreign vat will be authorized.

Integrity: VDFR VAT Management do not provide any information about her clients to third parties.

Coordination: VDFR VAT Management operates as a single coordination point for Compliance, Refund and Consultancy across Europe.